Facebook suicide?

Change is Faecbook’s middle name. They do something different, everyone moans, then they get used to it and can’t remember what it was like before, agreed? If they didn’t do this then they probably would be the big social boss that they are today. You need to adapt to stay strong, keep up with the competition and come up with new USPs.

The site recently underwent a few big changes, predominently to their news feeds. SoΒ now the problem is EdgerankΒ and Facebook marketing for companies. If their fans don’t see their news and updates then what’s the point? The way to make sure they do see the updates is by encouraging them to interact with them, like, comment and share, therefore increasing their edgerank. But some fans simply just like to see what is being said, for example ‘today’s soup of the day is leek and potato’. If they don’t interact with this, then future updates could cease to appear.

Facebook get their income from advertising, but if companies aren’t seeing a return from their efforts within Facebook then will they give in all together?

Obviously i am being very extreme, and Facebook is not on the way out. I am simply questioning its latest motives. Why alienate your, often paying, customers?

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